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Detectives See Prostitution at Scottsdale Massage Parlors

Can you imagine going to a massage parlor and finding prostitution at the place?

After an 18-month investigation, Scottsdale police officers arrested the owners of three valley massage parlors on Wednesday after detectives found evidence that their businesses were being used as a front for prostitution. ABC News reports that the detectives were able to discover the alleged prostitution bases through an undercover operation.

Search warrants were served at Scottsdale Massage, Paradise Island Massage, and Busy Bodies Massage. Police also searched the home of Laura Ann Walden and Michael Sanford, the business owners at the alleged prostitution sites. A police spokesman told ABC News that Laura Walden and Michael Stanford encouraged employees to engage in prostitution and trained workers on ways to avoid getting caught by authorities.

Now, it looks as if the business owners will need Phoenix criminal lawyers. They have both been charged with maintaining a house of prostitution, money laundering, controlling a criminal enterprise and pandering. Several female workers at the massage parlors were also arrested for money laundering, controlling a criminal enterprise, and prostitution.

Prostitution laws in Arizona are complicated and require the work of an experienced Phoenix criminal defense attorney. Title 13, Chapter 32 of the Arizona Revised Statutes states that a person should be found guilty of a class 5 felony if he or she knowingly received money for engaging in prostitution. Other laws state that a person cannot knowingly entice another person into a house of prostitution and that a person cannot knowingly place somebody or procure another person into a house of prostitution.

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