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Plea Bargaining Common in Maricopa County

Plea bargaining is just one common tactic among Phoenix criminal lawyers, and across the state of Arizona the tactic is widely used. The Arizona Republic reports that 72 percent of homicide cases in Maricopa County are resolved through plea agreements, which can be unsettling for the family members of homicide victims but puts ease on the criminal justice system.

The case involving the death of Hamed Junaid is a good example of how a Phoenix criminal defense attorney was able to successfully establish a plea bargain for the defendant. According to the Arizona Republic, the accused killer was initially charged with second-degree murder and two counts of endangerment, which could have led to a prison sentence of 28 years. However, the charges were reduced to just one count of manslaughter in exchange for a guilty plea. A manslaughter sentence has a sentence ranging from 7 to 16 years. The defendant received only a 10.5 year prison sentence for the manslaughter charge.

In an economic turndown where budget cuts are necessary, district attorneys say that the courts would be overcrowded and overwhelmed if all or most cases went to trial. This is another reason why plea bargaining is encouraged. If a person enters a guilty plea, there's no need for the defendant to stand trial.

The best plea agreements are established through Phoenix criminal lawyers, who are familiar with the local laws and all possible charges. Phoenix criminal lawyers are also known for their strong negotiation skills when plea bargaining.

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