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Rapper DMX Filing Lawsuit From Phoenix Jail

Rapper DMX has faced a great deal of legal trouble over the last decade. Associated Press reports that the rapper was in jail for nearly three months last year for animal cruelty, theft, and drug possession charges. The charges stemmed from an August 2007 incident in which authorities found three dead dogs, guns, ammunition and drug paraphernalia at his suburban home.

The Maricopa County Sheriff's Office says that the 39-year-old rapper is now in a Maricopa County jail again because he violated the terms of his probation by failing a drug test. Yet the man's jail time is not stopping DMX from leading the life he dreams of. Even from jail, rapper DMX has managed to file a lawsuit against Rich Kid Entertainment, claiming the company ripped him off for $1 million in royalties.

With help from a Phoenix criminal defense attorney, convicted criminals can sometimes avoid jail with probation. Probation, however, can usually only be granted with certain types of crimes. FindLaw states that if a defendant complies with certain conditions set forth by the court, which may include periodic drug testing or drug treatment programs, then he or she can avoid an extended period of jail time. However, violating the terms of probation can lead to an extended period of probation or jail time.

Because rapper DMX violated the terms of his probation, it looks as through he'll have to handle his case from the slammer. He will have to find a lawyer to take care of all his business for the time being.

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