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Margaret Maloney Arrested For Passing Counterfeit Money

Margaret Maloney was accused of passing counterfeit money and has now been linked to other crimes after a criminal investigation. The suspect will probably need a Phoenix criminal defense attorney to examine all the evidence associated with the case and for defense to the criminal charges.

ABC News reports that Scottsdale police officers recently arrested Margaret Maloney after she allegedly passed counterfeit money at a Valley business. Investigators then searched the woman's home and found evidence that linked her to various burglaries in the Valley and in the state of Arizona.

A Purple Heart was among the items found by authorities, which has the name George L. Woodward written on the back of it. Detectives believe that it was stolen out of a Tucson home. Investigators have also linked Margaret Maloney to a house burglary in Tucson in which jewelry, computers, and other electronics were stolen.

Passing counterfeit money or using counterfeit money is a serious type of fraud that typically involves Secret Service investigating the crime at the federal level. The government punishes those involved with counterfeiting severely since money makes up an important part of the economy. LawBrain states that counterfeiting is a class C felony at the federal level, which is punishable by up to 12 years in prison and/or a fine of as much as $250,000.

To learn more about counterfeiting and other types of fraud crimes, you can see our Related Resources pages or speak to a Phoenix criminal defense attorney. Defense attorneys can often assess a particular case and have knowledge of the best defenses to fraud crimes.

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