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Daniel Espinoza Arrested After Allegedly Fighting Police

A man from Mesa was arrested after police say that he gave officers a broken hand and a strained knee. ABC News reports that Mesa police officers responded to a 911 hang-up call on Tuesday night, which led officers to investigate a residence in the area of 8th Avenue and Grand.

When the Mesa officers arrived at the scene, Daniel Espinoza denied that there was a problem, but had a cut to his hand and blood on his shirt. When officers questioned the blood, the suspect reportedly threatened the officers with a fist in the air.

Officers then attempted to restrain the suspect, but Daniel Espinoza allegedly fought back and struck the officers. One officer then used a Taser to restrain the suspect and proceeded to take him into custody. A further investigation revealed that there was a domestic disturbance at the residence earlier in the evening.

So what type of criminal charges can Daniel Espinoza expect to face? Based on the report from ABC News, the suspect is likely to face numerous assault charges, including an aggravated assault charge against a police officer charge. For more information about the various types of assault and battery crimes, see our Related Resources pages.

It's never a good idea to assault a police officer, but a Phoenix criminal defense attorney can often analyze all the evidence in a case, including the circumstances that led up to a reported attack. Phoenix criminal lawyers can also help a suspect through the various stages of a criminal case and provide representation during all courtroom procedures.

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