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Phoenix Police Officer Arrested After Allegedly Choking Girlfriend

A Phoenix police officer with the Squaw Peak Precinct was arrested earlier this week on suspicion of assault and resisting arrest, a surprising story for many people in the Phoenix community. The Arizona Republic reported that Officer Sutton Wohlman was booked at the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office jail after he allegedly choked his girlfriend and hit another police officer while he was off duty. Maricopa County Superior Court documents say that the suspect had been drinking before the domestic violence incident.

When authorities arrived at the scene after a witness called the police, the girlfriend told authorities that Sutton Wohlman had been choking her so hard that she was having trouble breathing. An on-duty officer then reportedly took the suspect's hand to put handcuffs on the suspect, but Sutton Wohlman then allegedly punched the officer. When other officers arrived at the home, they were together able to make the arrest.

It looks like the cop accused of domestic violence will need a Phoenix criminal defense attorney  for representation when he goes to court. The man has been with the police for three years, but it's unknown of how the arrest will affect his employment with the department.

Assault crimes in the state of Arizona can carry severe penalties. Sentencing for an assault or battery conviction often depends on a number of different factors. For this reason, many suspects will choose to get an attorney involved in their case so they're not faced with the maximum sentence.

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