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Laura Flanders Pleads Not Guilty To Hit And Run Charges

A Phoenix woman pleaded not guilty to charges of manslaughter and leaving the scene of a collision involving a death yesterday. The criminal charges came after 18-year-old Joey Romero, a senior at Centennial High School, died after being struck by a vehicle on October 29 near 83rd Avenue and Thunderbird Road in Peoria.

According to ABC News, the suspect Laura Flanders was arrested a day after the incident after Peoria police received tips about the incident from community members. The 23-year-old woman now has a pretrial conference scheduled for January 13.

Court records stated that Laura Flanders was "not coherent to her actions by her complete disregard to proper medications and not to drive while under the medications" at the time of the collision. News reports didn't mention what medications the suspect was supposed to be taking, but at one point Laura Flanders allegedly drank a bottle of nail polish before spitting it out because she was so heavily medicated.

It looks like Laura Flanders will now need a Phoenix criminal lawyer to defend her of the manslaughter and hit and run charges at the pretrial conference. Manslaughter in Arizona is a class 2 felony in the state of Arizona, as stated through Arizona Revised Statute 13-1103, which can be punishable with a lengthy prison sentence and high fines. Hit and run collisions that result with a death or serious injury are also considered felony crimes in Arizona, according to

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