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New Laws Approved to Crack Down on Crime in Mesa Hotels

The East Valley Tribune reports that Mesa City Council agreed earlier this week to draft new regulations for hotels and motels in order to deter crime at these locations. The new measures in Mesa are also being adopted to help police officers investigate illegal activity.

The ordinance will require hotels to identify guests by asking for identification at check in. The hotels in Mesa will reportedly be required to keep guest information for a year and could face fines ranging from $250 to $2,500 for violating such a policy. The city is looking to set up a hotel review board to enforce the policy.

As we reported in an earlier blog post, this law is supposed to specifically discourage prostitutes from working in the hotels, who typically only pay for a hotel room with cash when they check in. Police officers say that hotel guests are also more likely to cause problems and participate in illegal activity if they’re not required to give their name when checking into a hotel room. Police statistics in 2009 showed that 6 percent of all warrant arrests and 4 percent of all drug arrests took place at hotels or motels.

Perhaps it will now be easier for law enforcers in Mesa to arrest people for drug offenses and prostitution-related crimes at hotels. Yet there are Phoenix criminal lawyers that will still be able to defend people of prostitution and drug dealing crimes as well as provide representation to such suspects in court.

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