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Phoenix Police Called to Frankie Muniz's Home For Domestic Dispute

Did that sweet former child star Frankie Muniz really assault his girlfriend? The Arizona Republic reports that the 25-year-old man who was once the star of the popular television show Malcom in the Middle had police officers come to his Phoenix home last week after he and his girlfriend Elycia Turnbow got into an argument.

Turnbow told police that Muniz threw her into a wall and punched her in the back of the head, but officers said that they saw no noticeable injuries. Muniz, on the other hand, says that he and Turnbow got into an argument about past relationships and that she began to hit him when he wouldn't let her see his computer. He said that he was the one to call the cops because their fight was getting out of control.

It looks like no arrests were made in this case, but both Muniz and Turnbow may want to be careful in the future so that there are no domestic violence allegations ever brought against either one of them. According to FindLaw, domestic violence is not limited to just physical abuse, but can also include emotional abuse and psychological abuse. Even the act of threatening to physically abuse an intimate partner can be considered a from of domestic violence.

ARS 13-3601 specifically defines domestic violence crimes in the state of Arizona. The offense is most often prosecuted as a felony charge and can carry stiff penalties with a conviction. More information about domestic violence crimes and resources for domestic violence victims can be found through our Related Resource pages.

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