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Performing Certain Abortions in Arizona Could Become a Felony

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Thanks to Roe v. Wade, women have the right to choose the option of abortion if they wish to terminate a pregnancy. However, some lawmakers in Arizona are trying to put limits on the types of abortions that can be performed in the state. House Bill 2443 seeks to make it a crime for a person to knowingly perform an abortion with the knowledge that the abortion is sought based on the sex or race of the child.

The Phoenix New Times reports that if HB 2443 passes into a law, performing an abortion based on race or gender will become a class-three felony in the state. This means that physicians can face a multiple-year prison sentence for the offense. Medical professionals who do not report known violations of the offense would also be subjected to civil fine of up to $10,000.

Arizona women may soon have to sign a document promising that they aren’t aborting the pregnancy based on the sex of the fetus. Planned Parenthood Arizona has stated that there’s currently no evidence that abortions being performed in the state are being performed either because of the gender or race of their baby.

“There is no indication that this is even an issue,” Planned Parenthood Arizona spokeswoman Cynde Cerf told the New Times. Hence, many critics are of the bill are calling this measure a waste of time.

HB 2443 has already reportedly passed in the state House of Representatives, but Senate approval of the bill is still needed. If the Senate were to approve the bill, HB 2443 would then have to be sent back to the House to address any modifications made in the Senate version.

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