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Boyfriend Charged With Murder in Jamie Laiaddee Disappearance

Rick Valentini has been indicted for second-degree murder in Maricopa County and has been accused of killing Jamie Laiaddee, but authorities haven’t been able to recover a corpse after the victim’s disappearance. Defense attorneys might even say that there’s reasonable doubt that Laiaddee is wask killed.

The Arizona Republic reports that Laiaddee was last seen on March 17, 2010 and that she was reported to be missing last May by family members. Since that date, she has made no phone calls, sent no texts, sent no emails, and has made no bank transactions.

Court papers also say that the 32-year-old woman also left both of her two cars at her Chandler apartment along with her purse, keys, passport, and birth control items. These are not normally items that you would leave without if you were to run away from your home.

The murder suspect in this case, Rick Valentini, is the 41-year-old boyfriend of Jamie Laiaddee. At the time of Laiaddee’s disappearance, Valentini claimed that she had moved to Colorado to find a new job. Yet Valentini never reported her missing when he didn’t hear from her. Police reports even say that Valentini used Laiaddee’s credit cards for online dating services after she vanished

Still, it could be difficult for prosecutors to prove that Valentini is guilty of second-degree murder in this case. According to KPHO, the suspect currently remains in jail on $2 million bond and has pleaded not guilty to the murder charge. Valentini has also reportedly been charged with committing fraudulent schemes because of the credit card use.

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