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Identity Theft on the Rise in East Valley

Don’t leave purses or handbags in plain view inside of unattended vehicles. Not only is this an easy way for a purse to be stolen, but it’s also a way that many people in the East Valley become victims of identity theft.

According to ABC News, at least 90 people have been confirmed to be victims of identity theft over the last several months in the area. Chandler police are now investigating an East Valley identity theft ring. The investigation reportedly began in December 2010, when people reported that there purses were stolen from their vehicles in daycare parking lots and city parks throughout Chandler. Within days, the Chandler theft victims apparently noticed inconsistencies with their checking accounts and credit cards accounts.

Identity theft seems to be a growing problem in the state of Arizona and all over the country, which is why it has become so important for people to keep their personal records safe and to watch their personal belongings carefully.

FindLaw states that the people committing identity theft crimes or other fraud crimes usually look for a person's personal information, such as bank account numbers, credit card information, names, addresses, and Social Security numbers. With such information, thieves can set up bank accounts in your name, get credit cards in your name, and order merchandise online.

Taking the identity of another person or entity is considered a class 4 felony in the state of Arizona. Read up on the state's identity theft laws at Arizona Revised Statute 13-2008, or learn more about identity theft in general from the Related Resources below.

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