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Operation Special Delivery: Major Marijuana Bust in Phoenix

Sheriff Joe Arpaio decided to conduct a year-long investigation that tracked drugs and money traveling through the state of Arizona. This lengthy investigation resulted in seven Phoenix-area arrests and the seizure of 1,000 pounds of marijuana, reports ABC News.

Some say that this case highlights the growing trend of drug trafficking across borders and the need to crack down on such crimes. Apparently, the investigation detailed involvement of foreign nationals from Jamaica, Nigeria, Ghana, and Mexico. The Phoenix suspects in this case were booked on charges of possession of marijuana, conspiracy to distribute and money laundering.

In addition to all the marijuana handed over to authorities, the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office also seized weapons, over $1 million in cash, and 17 vehicles.

According to the Associated Press, deputies served the seven arrest warrants in the Phoenix metro area as part of their crackdown called "Operation Special Delivery." The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration also took part in the investigation and served arrest warrants in New York City, Cleveland, Minneapolis, Los Angeles as well as two warrants in Pinal County.

While possession of marijuana under a certain amount is a misdemeanor offense in most U.S. states, FindLaw reports that the state of Arizona has laws that define the possession of any amount of marijuana as a felony crime. Possession of more than four pounds of marijuana with the intent to sell is classified as class 2 felony, which can be punishable with at least four years of imprisonment. So if you're caught with marijuana in your possession at any point, just hope that you're not in the Grand Canyon State.

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