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July 2011 Archives

Erik Grumpelt Gets Second-Degree Murder Charge; Lived with Body

Mesa resident Erik Grumpelt is facing a second-degree murder charge after he admitted to killing his girlfriend to his father, and then reportedly lived with the corpse for two months, reports ABC15 News.

According to Mesa police officers, Grumpelt admitted he struck 39-year-old Malinda Raya several times in the gut in May because she allegedly cheated on him with other men. When he returned to her unresponsive body, he reportedly panicked and hid her body under the bed, wrapping her in sheets over the course of two months, as the smell worsened.

Interestingly, Raya was not reported missing, unlike another recent alleged killing by a boyfriend in the Valley.

Jason Noonkester Arrested for Gruesome Murder, Rape

Authorities arrested Jason Noonkester Sunday night in connection with the gruesome murder of a man and the rape of the victim's girlfriend, reports The Arizona Republic.

Mesa police arrived to find blood-covered walls and the man dead in the kitchen after his girlfriend reported that she had fled her East Valley apartment with her two young children after being sexually assaulted and believed the man may have been killed, according to Mesa officials.

Flagstaff Family of Four Arrested for Human Trafficking Crimes

Four Flagstaff family members who ran the wedding boutique “I Do! I Do!” were arrested on Thursday on suspicion of committing the serious abrogation of human trafficking crimes for almost a decade, reports The Arizona Republic.

According to an indictment by federal prosecutors, the McReynolds family - consisting of Huong Thi “Kelly” McReynolds, 58; James Hartful McReynolds, 60; Joseph Minh McReynolds, 36; and Vincent Minh McReynolds, 32 - allegedly lured females from Vietnam with promises of marriage and a life in the United States. What their victims found, however, were nightmarish conditions working 11 hours a day, seven days a week for the family for little-to-no money. Three of the suspects also allegedly married their victims in order to evade immigration laws.

Dr. Peter Normann Guilty in Plastic Surgery Deaths

They say beauty is skin deep. But for the patients of Anthem physician Dr. Peter Normann, it landed them six-feet deep.

During Normann’s murder trial for the deaths of three of his patients in Maricopa County Superior Court on Friday, the prosecution’s description of the deaths of his patients seemed to come from a badly-written medical horror story.

Armed 'Serial Grinder' on the Loose in Phoenix

In Phoenix, you may have the right to grind with a gun - just make sure it doesn't go off.

Police are on the lookout for a male "serial grinder" known as Trina who pulled a handgun in front of a convenience store and began firing in the air, reports ABC 15.

According to authorities, Trina, dressed in women's clothing, has repeatedly approached men on the dance floor of bars and nightclubs and would "grind," the persistent act of dancing provocatively in very close contact, on them.

Yukari Miyamae Reverses TSA Role, Groped Phoenix TSA Agent

It's not hard to argue that every airplane traveler feels at least a tad bit violated when going through security screening at the airport. On Saturday afternoon, Yukari Miyamae took her frustrations out on a hapless Transportation Security Administration worker's left boob - allegedly grabbing, squeezing, and twisting the agent's breast after refusing to be screened.

She is currently under arrest for suspicion of sexual abuse, reports

After entering the screening area of Terminal 4 in Phoenix's Sky Harbor International Airport, the Colorado woman started arguing with TSA officials and refused to be screened, a Phoenix Police Department spokesman stated. The 61-year-old then allegedly got a little too handy with an agent's breast, and the authorities were called.

Death Row Inmates Challenge State Execution Methods

Four Death Row inmates, including 52-year-old Thomas West who is scheduled to be executed on Tuesday by lethal injection, are challenging the process of Arizona executions.

According to the suit, which was filed by the Federal Public Defender’s Office on behalf of the inmates in Maricopa County Superior Court on Wednesday, the Arizona Legislature overstepped its bounds by allowing the Arizona Department of Corrections’ director to establish the process of how Death Row inmates are executed, reports The Arizona Republic.

Pfc. Christopher Eric Wey Arrested for Stolen Explosive Souvenir

Any seasoned airplane traveler knows it is hard enough trying to get a six-ounce bottle of contact solution onto an airplane, much less a quarter-ounce of military explosives.

Nineteen-year-old United States Army Pfc. Christopher Eric Wey must not be an avid traveler since he tried to smuggle C4 past Transportation Security Administration screeners at the airport in Yuma on Wednesday, according to CBS 8 News.

Patrick Stephen Trejo Leashed in Canine Sex Ring

They say a dog is a man’s best friend, but former Phoenix middle-school music teacher Patrick Stephen Trejo took the popular phrase one disturbed step further than legally allowed, receiving probation for his part in a canine sex ring.

According to Maricopa County prosecutors, 25-year-old Trejo was sentenced on Wednesday to one year of probation for conspiring to have sexual contact with a canine, reports the Associated Press.

9th Circuit: Jared Loughner Can't Be Medicated Against his Will

On Tuesday, July 9th, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals found that Tucson shooting suspect Jared Loughner can't be medicated against his will. At least, not at this point. The court halted the medication that government attorneys have argued is necessary for proceedings to continue over the shooting spree that wounded Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, 13 others and killed six.

A federal district court found that doctors at the facility in Missouri where Loughner is being held could medicate the defendant against his will. According to the Huffington Post, Judge Larry Burns declined to "second guess" the doctors and allowed the medication to continue. Loughner's attorneys say he has been forcibly medicated since June 21.

Jurors Discuss Aggravating Factors in James Ray Sweat Lodge Case

Self-help guru James Ray was found guilty of negligent homicide last week in the sweat lodge case that left three people dead on a “spiritual warrior” retreat in October 2009. But this case isn’t quite over yet.

Arizona jurors have been deliberating over the past two days over whether there are aggravating factors is in this case, reports The Arizona Republic. The finding of aggravating factors would allow Yavapai Superior Court Judge Warren Darrow to impose the maximum sentence for each count of the three counts of negligent homicide. This does not mean, however, that Darrow is in any way obligated to do so.