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Phoenix Woman Slits Ex-Boyfriend's Throat; Another Ex Helps Him

A Phoenix woman faces serious criminal charges after she slit her ex-boyfriend's throat in front of her three children, reports In an ironic twist, the victim was assisted by another ex-boyfriend of the woman.

Daytona Johnson is currently under arrest after she allegedly cut ex-boyfriend, Chad Grubbs, above his throat with a meat cleaver on Friday afternoon. She faces charges of attempted second-degree murder, assault causing serious physical injury, reckless injury, intent to commit assault, vulnerable adult abuse and three counts of child abuse. Any of these charges could get her serious punishments, including loss of custody of her children.

Johnson and Grubbs live together in Phoenix, along with another ex-boyfriend of Johnson's, Dominick Giarruisso, and her three children with the men.

The incident occurred after Johnson allegedly got into a physical argument with Grubbs, punching him in the face and throwing an aerosol bottle at his eye. When Giarruisso, who has a prosthetic leg, tried to intervene, he was also punched in the face and shoved. Johnson then left and returned with the meat cleaver she put to Grubbs' throat. She made an approximate six-inch incision while reportedly stating: "I'm going to cut your head off."

Giarruisso eventually drove both Grubbs and Johnson, who ended up with a hand injury, to the hospital. Although Daytona Johnson tried to flee once they arrived, police arrested her nearby. The Phoenix woman now awaits prosecutors' decision on what formal charges to file against her for the incidents surrounding the slitting of her ex-boyfriend's throat.

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