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Sonoran Sky Teacher Arrested for Sexually Abusing Student

A special needs teacher at Sonoran Sky Elementary School is accused of having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student, reports.

Phoenix police arrested 28-year-old Kimberly Ali after the mother of the victim found sexual messages from Ali on her daughter’s cell phone, according to authorities. Ali has been charged with nine counts of sexual conduct with a minor and five counts of sexual abuse.

The victim’s mother contacted Phoenix police after discovering sexting-type messages between her daughter and Ali on the girl’s phone, authorities said. In addition to the text messages, investigators found emails and Facebook messages that revealed a sexual relationship had existed between Ali and the girl.

While the girl attended the school where Ali taught, investigators say that Ali never actually taught the girl. According to detectives, the relationship began when the two began talking online. The sexual contact first began in July, authorities said.

In their correspondence, Ali and the victim discuss certain gifts Ali allegedly gave the girl. Investigators reportedly found many of the gifts at the victim’s home.

Under Arizona’s criminal code, any adult who intentionally or knowingly has sexual intercourse or oral sex with anyone under the age of 18, can be charged with sexual conduct with a minor. If the victim was under the age of 15 at the time of the incident, it’s a class 2 felony and is punishable by 13 to 27 years in prison.

If the defendant was the victim’s parent, stepparent, guardian, or teacher, he or she is ineligible for suspension of sentence, probation, pardon, or early release if convicted. Since Ali never actually taught the victim, the extra penalty may not be applicable in this case.

Authorities are still investigating Kimberly Ali’s alleged abuse of the 14-year-old student. If you have any information about the case, authorities ask you to call Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

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