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Prison Supervisor Arrested for Trading Cigarettes for Sex

The tables have turned for a supervisor at the Federal Correctional Institution in Phoenix. The FBI last week arrested a kitchen supervisor who was allegedly trading sexual favors for cigarettes with two male inmates, reports.

Carl David Evans has been charged with two counts of sexual abuse of a ward and two counts of providing contraband to an inmate. Evans may soon find out how it feels to be on the other side of the bars.

Evans' relationship with an inmate referred to as "E.D." first came to the attention of prison staff back in June, according to the FBI. Agents used a hidden camera to monitor Evans' activities in the kitchen's storage area in August.

The footage reportedly showed Evans, E.D. and another inmate identified as "J.I." performing sexual acts in the storage area. E.D. told authorities that his relationship with Evans began in April. Evans allegedly supplied E.D. with cigarettes and food, and E.D. would in turn have sex with Evans.

E.D. would then sell the cigarettes and food to other inmates. J.I. reportedly heard about the arrangement last month and wanted in on the action.

Under federal law, a person who engages in sexual acts with a federal inmate who is under the person's disciplinary or supervisory authority can be charged with sexual abuse of a ward. Since J.I. and E.D. were under Evans' supervision, the sexual abuse charges apply. It doesn't matter if the relationships were consensual.

Any person who provides an inmate with a prohibited item can be charged with providing contraband. Since cigarettes and food generally aren't considered dangerous items, Carl David Evans may only face a fine or a minimal prison sentence if convicted on this charge.

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