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Wife Attacks Husband with Scissors, 12-Inch Knitting Needle

A Gilbert woman apparently had it with her husband's verbal abuse, and so she came at him with a 12-inch knitting needle, authorities say.

Belinda Boyd, 53, allegedly attacked her husband after he said that he and the couple's children think "she is crazy," reports. Boyd may have proven her husband's point by attempting to stab him with the terrifyingly long needle.

An argument broke out between the Boyds on Aug. 30, apparently triggering Belinda's attack. Belinda's husband William, 63, told police that his wife went straight for his face. He raised his arms to protect himself and received a laceration injury.

Then a second argument broke out. This time Belinda reached for a pair of scissors and once again went for William's face. She must not have posed much of a threat because William was apparently able to record the attack on his cell phone.

Belinda was arrested and charged with two counts of aggravated assault. She told police that William had "verbally abused her for years and she was tired of it," authorities said.

William told investigators that his wife's mental state had been deteriorating for years and that she'd tried to kill him on more than one ocassion. He said that he'd let it go in the past, but now feels that Belinda was capable of injuring or even killing him, according to police. Their children reportedly agreed.

Under Arizona's criminal code, a person who commits an assault that causes serious physical injury or that involved the use of a deadly or dangerous weapon can be convicted of aggravated assault. While Belinda didn't cause life-threatening injuries, a 12-inch knitting needle could definitely kill someone.

In cases of domestic violence, a protective order is often taken out against the defendant. Belinda has been barred from going home or seeing her husband and children for the time being.

Belinda and William Boyd have been married for 36 years, according to authorities. Belinda's preliminary hearing is set for Sept. 11.

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