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Man Uses $100 Bill to Lure Young Girls for Sex

Sexual predators have apparently moved on from using candy to attract their underage victims. Now they’re waving around Benjamins.

Pedro Lopez-Marroquin allegedly used a $100 bill to try to lure two young girls to his apartment for sex, CBS 5 reports. Fortunately neither girl took the bait. Lopez-Marroquin was arrested on multiple charges, including luring a minor for sexual exploitation.

Lopez-Marroquin reportedly approached the first girl on Wednesday night while the 10-year-old was playing outside of her apartment. He allegedly held up a $100 bill and told the girl he’d give her the money in exchange for “something.” The girl must have sensed that Lopez-Marroquin was a creep because she ignored him.

Next, he reportedly approached a 13-year-old girl outside the apartment complex. He once again held up the $100 bill and asked the girl to go with him to his apartment for sex, according to authorities.

Both of the victims reported the incidents to their families who called the Phoenix Police Department. The families then tried to confront Lopez-Marroquin, but he escaped on foot.

Officers were able to quickly track him down. The girls confirmed his identity as the man who tried to lure them. However, Lopez-Marroquin denied the allegations. He was charged with aggravated assault and luring a minor for sexual exploitation. He also had a prior felony warrant for drug charges, according to authorities.

Under Arizona law, it’s illegal to offer or solicit sex from a person whom you know or have reason to know is underage. Lopez-Marroquin may try to argue that he wasn’t aware that the girls were underage. However, the victims are probably much too young for that kind of defense.

Luring a minor for sexual exploitation is a class 3 felony. If convicted, Lopez-Marroquin could spend anywhere from 5 to 15 years in prison for each charge.

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