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San Tan Valley Girl Fakes Her Own Kidnapping

When 15-year-old Samantha White got into a fight with her boyfriend this week, she did what any sensible teenager would do: She faked her own kidnapping.

White was reported missing Tuesday morning, after her aunt found a note that read, "You will get her back when she gets what she deserves." The disappearance led to a massive search.

White came clean about the hoax after police found her walking around a San Tan Valley neighborhood on Thursday, reports.

Deputies found an empty backpack, scattered books, and the cryptic note when they searched the girl's home. The note led police to believe White was in danger. They launched a large aerial and ground search. Deputies created a perimeter around White's neighborhood and stopped all vehicles leaving the area, according to AZfamily.

On Thursday, White was found wandering around a neighborhood a mile from her home. Initially, she kept up the ruse, telling police that she had been kidnapped.

She later broke down, however, telling investigators she fabricated the kidnapping story after she got in a fight with her boyfriend. Authorities are currently reviewing the case for possible criminal charges.

If White does face charges, it'll probably be for false reporting. Under Arizona's criminal code, any person who makes a false report with the intent that it will result in an emergency response or police investigation is guilty of false reporting. While White didn't directly notify the authorities, she should've known that her stunt would result in a police search.

False reporting is a Class 1 misdemeanor in Arizona, and any person convicted of it may be required to pay the expenses incurred during the resulting emergency response or investigation. Juveniles convicted of false reporting can be ordered to pay the expenses as restitution. Considering the scale of the ground and aerial search, White and her family could end up with a hefty bill.

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