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2 Brothers Rob Dollar Store Where 1 Had Applied for Job

You know you've hit rock bottom when you find yourself robbing a dollar store.

According to authorities, brothers Dylan and Joshua Wroe tried to steal items from a 99 Cents Only store in Gilbert. When the store manager confronted them, the brothers assaulted not only him but a number of other employees as well, police said.

The Wroes are now facing aggravated robbery charges, reports.

Authorities say that 20-year-old Dylan and 22-year-old Joshua entered the store over the weekend and began filling shopping bags with merchandise. When the brothers allegedly tried to walk out without paying, a 64 year-old manager stepped in.

One of the brothers reportedly pushed the manager to the ground and started hitting him. When three female employees tried to help, the other brother allegedly went after them, leaving one of the employees with a minor injury.

The Wroes then dropped their bags and ran out of the store. Police caught up with the brothers soon after and booked them on charges of aggravated robbery, according to authorities.

Under Arizona law, robbery is defined as the taking of another's property through the use of force or threats. A person who commits a robbery with the help of an accomplice is guilty of aggravated robbery, a more serious offense.

If the Wroes are convicted, they could spend anywhere from 5 to 15 years in prison. You have to wonder: Why did the Wroes knock off a dollar store? Maybe they thought no one would care. But when you're facing that kind of time, you might as well aim high and go for a jewelry store.

Strangely, one of the brothers had recently applied for a job at the same 99 Cents Only store the pair allegedly robbed, according to authorities. It's not clear if that had anything to do with the robbery.

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