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Text From Wife's Ex-Boyfriend Sends Husband on Rampage

Ricardo Castro has jealousy issues. A text message from his wife's ex-boyfriend reportedly sent Castro into a murderous rage last week, The Associated Press reports.

While arguing with his wife about the text, Castro began speeding on Interstate 10 and eventually slammed into the back of an SUV carrying six people. Five passengers, all children, were thrown from the SUV. Now Castro is facing seven counts of aggravated assault and two counts of felony endangerment.

After finding the text on his wife's phone, Castro reportedly stopped his car on the side of I-10 and ordered his mother-in-law and 12-year-old daughter to get out. He then drove off with his wife in the passenger seat.

Castro began speeding while hitting his wife in the face and trying to unbuckle her seat belt, authorities said. He told her he was going to kill her, and nearly did just that when he slammed his car into the back of an SUV. The crash sent five children to the hospital and closed I-10 for about 12 hours.

Now Castro is facing serious charges. Under Arizona's criminal code, a person who commits an assault that causes serious physical injury or that involves the use of a deadly or dangerous weapon can be convicted of aggravated assault.

Castro is accused of doing both of those things. While guns and knives are the most common examples of "dangerous weapons," a car can also be considered a weapon if it's used to harm others.

If convicted, Castro could spend more than a decade in prison for the aggravated assault charges alone. He should feel right at home: Castro is an employee of the Arizona Department of Corrections.

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