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Woman Runs Over Husband for Not Voting: Gilbert Police

If Holly Solomon had only paid attention in high school civics class, her husband would probably be fine right now.

Holly apparently believed that, by failing to vote last week, her husband Daniel had helped to re-elect President Obama. She was so angry that she allegedly ran Daniel over in her Jeep, the Phoenix New Times reports.

The irony is that Arizona, of course, went for GOP candidate Mitt Romney in last week's election (though thousands of ballots remain uncounted, ABC 15 News reports), so Daniel's failure to vote likely had no effect on the election's outcome.

The argument reportedly started in a Gilbert parking lot Saturday morning. Holly believed that her family was going to face hardship a as a result of President Obama's re-election, according to authorities.

However, she wasn't mad at voters in swing states like Ohio and Wisconsin. Instead, Holly took aim at her husband, apparently oblivious to the general mechanics of the Electoral College.

She then hopped in her Jeep and began chasing Daniel around the parking lot. Daniel hid behind a light pole, but Holly drove around it, according to witnesses.

Things got ugly when Daniel made a run for it. Holly allegedly ran over her husband, pinning him to the curb. Daniel is currently in critical condition.

Holly was charged with aggravated assault. Under Arizona's criminal code, a person who commits an assault that causes serious physical injury or that involves the use of a deadly or dangerous weapon can be convicted of aggravated assault.

Holly both used a deadly weapon (a car) and caused life-threatening injuries to her husband. If convicted, she could face more than a decade in prison.

Holly is also facing a domestic violence charge. Under Arizona's criminal code, domestic violence encompasses any violent or dangerous crime carried out against a family member, relative, or significant other. That includes assault, battery, and sexual assault.

In cases of domestic violence, a protective order is often taken out against the defendant while the case is pending. The order prevents the defendant from visiting her family members. That means Holly will probably be barred from seeing Daniel until the matter is adjudicated.

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