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Drunk Man Slashes Tires on 21 Cars to Get Back at Bartender

David Luellen was kicked out of a Scottsdale bar early Monday after getting into a drunken argument with the bartender. Luellen wanted revenge, so he decided to slash the bartender's tires.

The problem was that Luellen wasn't sure which car belonged to the bartender. He didn't let that stop him, however.

Luellen was arrested after reportedly slashing the tires of 21 cars in a nearby parking garage, CBS 5 News reports. He's now facing charges for theft, burglary, and criminal damage.

Luellen was asked to leave The Lodge bar in Old Town Scottsdale about 2 a.m. after getting into a fight with the bartender. According to authorities, Luellen admitted breaking into a nearby vehicle he thought belonged to the bartender.

He wasn't completely sure, however, whether he'd hit the right car. To cover all his bases, Luellen allegedly decided to slash the tires of all the cars in the parking garage, police said. A total of 21 vehicles had their tires slashed.

Officers reportedly caught Luellen breaking into one of the cars and arrested him. They found a utility knife in the garage they think Luellen used to slash the tires. He was booked into jail on suspicion of theft, burglary, and criminal damage.

Contrary to popular belief, burglary isn't restricted to breaking into a business or home with the intent to steal. Instead, burglary is defined as the unauthorized entry into a structure with the intent to commit a felony inside.

By entering the parking garage with the intent to break into cars and slash tires, Luellen arguably committed burglary. It's a Class 4 felony in the state.

No word on whether any of the 21 cars hit actually belonged to the bartender who elicited Luellen's ire.

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