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If You're Arrested, Remember These 5 Tips

Getting arrested is no fun. But remember: Despite how it may feel when officers handcuff you and give you a ride in their cruiser, you still have rights that they can't violate.

Some of these rights, namely your Miranda rights, should be recited to you before police begin their questioning. But there are others that won't be clarified or even mentioned while you're in police custody. Those rights you have to just know.

In the blur after you've been arrested, it might help to keep these five things in mind:

Felonies and Misdemeanors: What's the Difference in Arizona?

By law, all crimes are defined as either felonies or misdemeanors and it's important to understand the difference.

When a suspect is charged by prosecutors, the charges will specify whether the crime is being treated as a misdemeanor or a felony. If you know that information, you know how serious the potential sentence could be for that defendant.

That's because Arizona, like most states, separates misdemeanors and felonies based on the potential term of imprisonment for a crime. So what exactly is the cutoff?

The 5 Documents You Need to Have When Driving in Arizona

When you're driving there are probably a lot of things in arms reach: mints, chapstick, some old receipts. But what about documents? There's some paperwork everyone needs, but there's also some that are specific for the lucky few that call Arizona home.

When you're getting into your car, you might not consider what paperwork to keep in the glove compartment. It generally doesn't fall on the traditional wallet-cell phone-keys list.

But if you get stopped by police or involved in an accident, there are some documents you'll wish you had. Without them, you might find yourself in some legal trouble.

It’s a weird world we’re living in. And here at the Phoenix Criminal Law Blog, we report on some of the weirdest of it.

From shoplifting news anchors to stomach-turning job interviews, 2012 was a great year for weird in the Valley. Here are our top five craziest criminal law stories of the past year.

Michael C. Gilliland, founder and former CEO of Sunflower Farmers Market, was busted last year in Phoenix as part of a child prostitution sting.

The incident cost Gilliland his job. Now it will cost him his freedom -- for 28 days, at least. On Tuesday, the former CEO was sentenced to four weeks in jail for misdemeanor attempted pandering, The Associated Press reports.

On Sunday night, Phoenix police officer Paul Bennett noticed something off about a man riding a bicycle on the 2100 block of West Georgia Avenue. The neighborhood had recently been hit with a string of burglaries, so police were keeping a close eye on any suspicious activity.

Bennett decided to stop the man. After a brief chase, the suspect shot Bennett six times, Fox 10 News reports. Fortunately, a bullet proof vest saved the officer's life.

The suspect, who hasn't been named, is facing charges for attempted murder.

Just moments after breaking up a fight at a Phoenix party Saturday morning, 18-year-old Lorena Sandra Uzueta was stabbed to death, reports.

While rushing the girl to the hospital, Uzueta's friends were involved in a wreck that closed Interstate 17. Her alleged killer, a 17-year-old girl, is now facing a first-degree murder charge. Several other teens are facing charges as well for their alleged roles in the killing.