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ASU Annual Crime Report Reveals Trends on Campus

Arizona State University's (ASU) annual crime report for the 2012 calendar year is out. This report is published annually and provides crime statistics for the previous three-year period, Arizona's KTVK-TV reports.

What important findings came out of this year's report? Here's a general overview of some numbers from 2012:

Crime Still Present

  • The number of robberies are slightly up from 15 in 2011 to 17 in 2012
  • 30 aggravated assaults in 2011 dropped to only 13 in 2012
  • 21 forcible sexual offenses in 2011 rose to 27 reported in 2012
  • On the downtown Phoenix campus -- thefts, burglaries, drug offenses, and liquor offenses all increased from 2011 to 2012.
  • Drug violations and liquor law arrests, in general, however, have decreased.

Read the full detailed report to view the remaining trends and data related to ASU and crime.

Alcohol a Trend

According to ASU officials, reports KTVK, most of the crimes that happen on or around campus are almost always related to alcohol consumption. While alcoholic consumption is reportedly lower than the national average, there are still an alarming number of drug and alcohol related crimes occurring on campus.

For example, not too long ago, over 1300 DUI or alcohol-related arrests were made over the course of three weekends at ASU, the Phoenix New Times reported. This may have been to celebrate the return of ASU's students to their campus after their summers off, but the numbers still prove to be both alarming and dangerous -- especially since Arizona's DUI penalties are fairly severe.

This report should serve as a stern reminder to those on the ASU campus (and everyone else, really) to always be cautious of their surroundings, lock doors, and to never drink and drive.

If you've unfortunately been slapped with criminal charges on the ASU campus or just in Arizona in general, seek out a local experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. Your attorney will then be able to help you sort out your options.

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