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Prostitution in Phoenix

The “world’s oldest profession” is a crime in every state in the country with the exception of some parts of Nevada. Prostitution entails offering, agreeing to, or engaging in a sexual act for compensation, such as money or drugs. Thus, several people involved in the act can be charged under the crime of prostitution: the person providing services (for “prostitution”), the customer paying for services (“solicitation of prostitution), and any middleman (for “pandering” or “pimping”).

Under Arizona law, those that knowingly engage in prostitution are guilty of a class 1 misdemeanor unless other factors are involved, such as a minor engaging in the act or the defendant has three or more previous prostitution convictions. Prosecutors will often offer plea deals or immunity to sex workers who help law enforcement with the investigation of prostitution rings. If you have been charged with this type of offense, you should speak with a Phoenix criminal defense attorney, which you can find by viewing FindLaw’s directory of Phoenix criminal defense attorneys.

Recently in Prostitution Category

Maricopa County sheriff's detectives got lucky. While conducting surveillance of an East Valley hotel for alleged drug trafficking, detectives busted a large-scale prostitution ring that was previously unknown to them, reports.

In all, 51 arrests were made for prostitution, drug possession, identity theft, attempted murder, and other crimes. The officers also seized $20,000 in cash and around 65 pounds of pot.

A Valley school bus driver has been arrested on charges of sexual exploitation of a minor, child prostitution, and supplying obscene materials to a minor, reports.

Brian DiCamillo has been accused of sexually abusing children he drives to and from school each day. His wife, Jenifer DiCamillo, was arrested for failing to stop the abuse or reports the crimes to authorities, according to police.

Peoria Registered Sex Offender Tied to Child Prostitution

A Peoria man who is reportedly a registered sex offender on probation was arrested on Tuesday on child prostitution allegations, reports The Arizona Republic.

Al Maurice O’Neil is accused of pimping out a 14-year-old girl for more than a month. The 32-year-old was arrested on suspicion of sexual conduct with a minor, child prostitution and misconduct involving weapons. He is being held without bond.

O’Neil allegedly found the girl through a third party and forced her to prostitute herself at a Phoenix apartment. She was also allegedly taken to Las Vegas by 28-year-old Tiffany Burt for prostitution purposes.

Two Arrested on Suspicion of Child Prostitution Using

Two people are accused of using the controversial website to pimp out a 15-year-old Arizona girl for child prostitution, reports ABC15 News.

Chad Walker reportedly forced the teenage girl into child prostitution for several months after she ran away from home to be with him. The girl claims Walker set up an ad on and made her schedule sexual appointments with men in different hotel rooms in Maricopa and Pinal counties. He would then collect the money outside the room after the encounters were over. Walker is also accused of sexually assaulting the girl multiple times.

Bibi Jones: A Tale of Baseball, Porn Stars and Prostitution?

One thing is clear from the recent Bibi Jones/MLB agent Terry Bross scandal - Bibi Jones likes baseball. The rest is all a matter of speculation.

Jones, a porn actress, recently went on a media spree after pictures of her and a New England Patriots player blew up on Twitter. During those broadcasts, she managed to let slip that a Phoenix agent would "kind of use me to get baseball players to sign him as an agent," reports CBS News.

Jones added in another interview that the undisclosed agent would take her to bars after Arizona Diamondbacks games in 2010, introducing her to players she would later hook up with.

Phoenix Goddess Temple: Front for Prostitution House?

Could the Phoenix Goddess Temple be a front for a prostitution house? Phoenix police detained 16 people connected with the unusual temple that purportedly incorporates sexual acts with its religious practices, reports The Arizona Republic.

Although charges have not yet been announced against those detained, it is likely that police questioning is connected to allegations that the temple is a front for prostitution. The search warrant was issued on Wednesday, and police have questioned five men and 11 women thus far.

Phoenix Officer Arrested in Prostitution Sting

When the El Paso County Sheriff's Office conducted a prostitution sting on Friday night, they probably weren't expecting to net a fellow officer. Their "decoy female prostitute" was too good for even a member of the Phoenix Police Department to catch on, however, and a Phoenix officer was arrested in its prostitution sting, The Arizona Republic reports.

Sheldon Czegledi, a 14-year veteran of the Phoenix force and a Central City Precinct patrol officer, allegedly solicited a prostitute, who turned out to be a female sheriff's deputy in disguise. The decoy was part of the department's crackdown on prostitution in El Paso.

Ironically, the Phoenix vice squad had just busted an alleged taxi prostitution ring earlier this month.

Phoenix Vice Squad Busts Taxi-Driving Prostitution Ring

After an intense, yearlong investigation, the Phoenix vice squad busted an alleged taxi prostitution ring involving seven women and two men last Wednesday, reports The Arizona Republic.

According to authorities, the organizers of the taxi prostitution ring used a sophisticated system of cabs to ferry young women for "out-call and in-call prostitution services." The cab drivers would then collect the money and return it to a main location where the profits would be shared with the group.

Just one reason it is not a good idea to hire a prostitute over the internet to perform sexual favors is that you never know who you're really dealing with. The "prostitute" could in fact be a cop and you could end up being caught in a sting.

The Arizona Republic reports that Phoenix police used to do most of their prostitution stings on the streets, but that authorities are now turning to the internet to keep up with modern times. Phoenix officers recently arrested eight people in a child prostitution sting, including 52-year-old Michael Gilliland.

New Laws Approved to Crack Down on Crime in Mesa Hotels

The East Valley Tribune reports that Mesa City Council agreed earlier this week to draft new regulations for hotels and motels in order to deter crime at these locations. The new measures in Mesa are also being adopted to help police officers investigate illegal activity.

The ordinance will require hotels to identify guests by asking for identification at check in. The hotels in Mesa will reportedly be required to keep guest information for a year and could face fines ranging from $250 to $2,500 for violating such a policy. The city is looking to set up a hotel review board to enforce the policy.